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Innovative thinking for a Greener future

UK’s new Innovative Solar Cleaning Robotics was set up by the Mc Cormack brothers after a meeting with Solar Cleano Luxembourg.

After 23 years of experience in the cleaning and maintenance industry the family run business has led the way in innovative cleaning systems with their first company Windows 2000 since 1998. Always striving for a cleaner and more sustainable future they have joined forces with Solar Cleano Luxembourg to supply their AI solar cleaning robots to the UK.

Solar Cleano’s approach and development in AI Solar Cleaning systems is unmatched with partners in 82 countries worldwide. We are excited to partner with Solar Cleano to supply these innovative Solar Cleaning systems to the UK market.

Why Clean Your Solar Installations

The big question is why do you need to get your solar panels cleaned?

After the initial installation process is completed the Photovoltaic solar panels are working at their optimal range. After time and with different types of soiling, i.e. wind, dust particles, bird fouling and rain. The surface of your panels become soiled, hindering their ability to optimise the sunlight and in turn loosing their ability to turn natural sunlight into clean electricity.

Data our company has collected suggests that a solar installation will lose between 20 to 30% efficiency over the duration of a calendar year without being cleaned professionally. All our Solar cleaning robots that are set up for wet cleaning are supplied with 100% Deionised water. This process removes all chemical and natural additives from the water and leaves a streak free finish on the Solar panels with the clean time extended over natural tap water.

For enquiries on your solar application cleaning schedule, Please click here to fill in our consultation form and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Solar Clean Robotics

SolarCleano was born always aiming for perfection. The company continues upgrading its solar panel cleaning robots systems and develops customized solutions for its customers.

SolarCleano Model B1

Our newest autonomous solar panel cleaning robot – SolarCleano B1. This revolutionary robot is dedicated to ground-based large-scale power plants. Capable of both wet and dry cleaning.

SolarCleano Model F1

Highly efficient cleaning thanks to its numerous fibers and brush types. Mobile, easily usable by one person. Cleaning in safety thanks to its camera and remote control. Low maintenance cost.

SolarCleano Model M1

Mini robot with 80cm brushes. An alternative to the SolarCleano F1 cleaning robot. Smaller, lighter, the M1 solar panel washing robot is meant for smaller surfaces or occasional cleaning.

Solar Cleano Transporter

T1 Transporter for displacing the robotic solar panel cleaner SolarCleano from one panel array to the next. Remote-controlled and battery-powered to secure the robot on panels with steep angels.

What is the best solution for Cleaning your Photovoltaic Installations

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Additional Services

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